Mounting Options for Commercial Shower Partitions

Glass shower partition

Glass shower partitionDemarcating the shower space of your commercial establishment is one of the most challenging ventures that you will undertake. This area is accident-prone and requires privacy. The partition also influences the overall appearance of your commercial shower.

One of the aspects that will determine the efficiency, look, and durability of your shower partitions is their mounting style. As such, picking the right mounting method is vital. Here are your mounting options:

Headrail-braced Mounting

The partitions in this option are attached to a headrail connected to your walls. The vertical rails run all the way to the floor. Your shower doors are installed on the vertical rails. Headrail-braced partitions are economical and work for virtually any commercial setting. Their anti-grip overhead rail deters users from hanging on them and boosts your structural security.

Ceiling-hung Mounting

With this option, your partitions are hung from the ceiling and do not touch the floor. They exude a clean shower appearance since the floor is open. Barriers that are hung also make cleaning your showers easy and complement a modern bathroom design. However, they are not the best choice for vandal-prone and heavy-traffic bathrooms. Ceiling-hung partitions are also expensive since you need steel ceiling supports to hold up their weight.

Floor Mounting

In this alternative, your partitions are mounted on the floor and leave the ceiling area free. This gives your shower an illusion of abundant space, more so in bathrooms with high ceilings. Floor mounting works best on concrete floors of at least two inches since these offer adequate support for the partition.

Various factors affect the right mounting style for your shower. These include the materials used in the construction of your shower’s walls. It is ideal to get an expert to evaluate the shower and help you make an informed choice.