Examining Invisalign cost in London

Invisalign FittingTeeth straightening with Invisalign is a long-term process that involves consultation, treatment planning, supply of equipment, multiple follow-up appointments and aftercare. With this kind of multi-step process, it’s quite common for patient to be concerned about factors such as Invisalign cost in London. However, there are ways that they can feel like their treatment expenses are both worth it and manageable.

When someone begins to explore Invisalign cost in London, they need to be looking for a dentist, like Graham Tinkler, who offers a complete price for the whole treatment. It’s too much to expect someone who is not trained in dentistry to anticipate all of the aspects of a treatment that might cost money. Without a single price, they are likely to be surprised by unanticipated costs.

What is included in an Invisalign package?

When someone gets their teeth straightened using Invisalign, they get an initial consultation to assess their suitability for the treatment and to determine their individual requirements. While there are some general steps within the process, each patient gets a unique set of aligners to complete their realignment based on initial scans.

Some dentists use a scanner like iTero in order to make a digital treatment plan. This is a highly accurate method that contributes to an accurate fit and efficient treatment. Gathering digital data allows the dentist to show their patient what their eventual smile will look like. The cost of this should be included in the overall treatment price.

Each patient receives their set of aligners at the beginning of treatment. An aligner represents a stage in the process of their teeth straightening. They will gradually go through all of the stages to reach their smile goals. They may take all of their aligners home with them or they may pick up a few at each of their follow-up appointments. Either way, they will visit the dentist regularly as part of their treatment package in order to monitor their process and make any necessary adjustments.

Once the treatment is finished, the patient needs a retainer to ensure that their teeth stay in their new positions. This is an essential part of the treatment and so should be included in the price.