Most Common Traffic Offenses in Illinois

There are many traffic laws enforced in the state of Illinois, but some are more frequently cited and even taken to court.

Most violations are minor infractions if they do not result in something as serious as death, or do not involve alcohol and other illegal substances. These violations have penalties, nonetheless, and would need traffic lawyers familiar with local regulations.

Here are the traffic offenses most common in the State:

• Driving under the influence – DUI is prevalent in the whole country, but if you look closer, statistics would point a higher prevalence in the teenage group or the age group 16-19 years old.

• Accidents involving death and personal injuries – In 2011 alone, there were approximately 100 fatal car accidents in the Chicago area that involved about 161 vehicles and about 240 people. Among these victims, 109 died due to injuries while 42 impaired the drivers.

• Reckless driving – When you try to drive over 20 mph per hour in certain roads or over 80 mph per hour on any roadway, you are calling attention to the cops. Reckless driving may also include drag racing where the number of fatalities is high, especially for the teenage group.

• Seat belt requirement – Not wearing seatbelts is one of the most ignored traffic laws.

• Driving while license is suspended or revoked – There are a number of cases where your license may be suspended, like DUI. Somehow, people try to elude the penalty for such violations and continue to drive without this primary requirement.

• Leaving the scene of an accident – Traffic laws say not to abandon the crime scene or you will risk being convicted of a felony or more known as “hit and run.”

• Fleeing or attempting to elude the police – Refusing to stop or eluding an officer in uniform is tantamount to a misdemeanor, which will either penalize you with a fine or send you to jail.

The best way to face these charges is to find good legal representation. As traffic violations are inevitable in a driver’s life, you should know your rights and your options when facing any of these charges.

By David Reynolds

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