Look What You’ve Done to Your Teeth! Dental Habits You Need To Break

toothbrush on sink

Bad dental habits are sometimes the cause of frequent dental visits or mouth ailments. Such habits can undermine the good ones and compromise your oral health. Here’s a list of the bad dental habits you need to break immediately.

Obsessive Brushing

Good dental health is not about how frequent or how hard you brush. Experts recommend using a soft toothbrush with many bristles. You don’t have to brush your teeth ten times a day. Thorough brushing twice a day, with flossing once a day, is enough.

toothbrush on sink

Grinding the Teeth

Grinding your teeth wears them down. Your dentist may advise wearing a mouth guard for teeth grinding at night. While the custom models made by the dentists may cost more, they definitely fit and work better.

Using Teeth as Tools

Many people use their teeth for a number of odd jobs. This includes opening a bag of potato chips, pulling out a watch stem, or ripping a price tag off a piece of clothing. Such habits can traumatise your teeth or even cause the edge of the weakened ones to chip or break.

Practice good dental care and avoid any of these habits. Visit Healthy Dental Currambine or the Australian Dental Association to learn more about the improvement or your oral health.