Link Building Tips: The Post-Penguin Edition


In light of Google’s series of algorithm updates, many assumed that link building is dead. This is not the case, however, as the search engine giant only wants everything to be natural. Penguin 2.0 and 2.1 are two major updates that affected rankings. Google is shifting in favor of quality organic SEO services.

Here are some tips on dealing with post-Penguin link building.

Audit Links

Checking all links and making sure that they all follow Google’s Webmaster guidelines is important. This will expose the unnatural links that the search engine might flag. Look for links that aren’t indexed in Google or lead to a malware website. Links that point to pages that have a low page rank is also bad.


Ensure Relevancy

Make sure that the links in your content are relevant. They have to make sense with the article and apt in terms of context. Your links should also direct to pages that contain related info to the content. In-depth reviews and niche microsites will make for sound strategies.

Use PR Strategies

Public relations have played a key role in SEO after the updates. This is why your links should direct to authoritative, editorial sites for better content. Event interviews, segmented reporter lists, and monitoring editorial opportunities work well in this department.

Google, by nature, is link-based. This only means that link building will never fade. SEO companies should adjust to these updates to ensure quality service.