Cranes and Their Importance to the Construction Industry


Cranes play an important part in the construction industry. They are a type of machine used to lift, lower, and move materials. Cranes are some of the most important mechanisms in construction projects. Cranes come with a hoist, chains or wire ropes, and sheaves.


An Important Lifting Mechanism

Project managers, contractors, and engineers hire cranes in Perth during construction projects. Tower cranes help move materials upward, downward, and horizontally. Modern cranes use electric motors, hydraulic systems, and internal combustion engines to provide more powerful capability.

Types of Cranes

There are different types of cranes that you can hire. You can hire small jib cranes to assist in moving materials inside a workshop, tower cranes to construct high buildings, and mini-cranes to reach tight spaces in a construction project. You can also hire large floating cranes if you need to salvage sunken ships or build oilrigs.

A Short History

The first cranes were invented by the ancient Greeks in the late 6th century BC. The early cranes were made of wood and were powered by men or animals like donkeys. In the Middle Ages, people introduced harbour cranes to load and unload ships. In the Industrial Revolution, cast iron and steel cranes replaced the earlier wood cranes.

Cranes aren’t only important in the construction industry. They also aid in loading and moving heavy materials in the transport and the manufacturing industries.