Keeping Your Car Safe in a Risky Neighborhood

Keeping Your Car Safe

A car may perhaps be one of the most expensive assets a person has, apart from their house. Having one can be very convenient, especially if you have a family. However, whether we like it or not, there are certain areas in the city that are simply more dangerous and more high-risk than others; neighborhoods and corners of the city with the relatively higher crime rate.

How to Spot a Risky/Dangerous Area

Risky neighborhoods and zones are those. Tell-tale signs of a dangerous area include frequent graffiti all over buildings (abandoned and otherwise), broken windows in structures, a higher density of adult shops, pawnshops, and seedy bars, and damaged public property. This isn’t to say that neighborhoods and areas that lack these ‘signs’ guarantee the safety of your vehicle, but the risk of your car getting stolen or vandalized is significantly lower. So, how can you keep your vehicles safe when you’re living in these parts of the town?

Avoid Parking in Certain Areas

There are parts of the city that you simply don’t want to park your car in unless you’re asking for it to be stolen or vandalized. Avoid low-traffic urban areas where there are barely any people around — this also means no witnesses in case someone wishes to damage or take your car (or certain belongings inside it). Next, don’t park in dark or poorly-lit corners, as lower visibility also means making it harder to spot criminals. It may be tempting to park in these areas, especially if there’s an event nearby, but the risk you’re exposing your vehicle to isn’t worth the convenience.


Never Put Valuables Inside

If you leave a laptop bag, an iPad, or any expensive-looking item in your car, there’s a huge chance that you’ll come back to it, alarms blazing, and with a few broken windows. Even mere loose change and a few paper bills can tempt any criminal to break into your vehicle. So either bring these items with you when you park them or leave them at home.

Install an Antitheft Device

One of the best things you can do to keep your car safe from being stolen is to have an antitheft device inside it. Not only does it prevent car thieves from stealing your vehicle by immobilizing it after a hotwiring attempt, but many automobile insurance companies in Wisconsin actually offer discounts and premiums to vehicles that have such — you get to keep your car safe, and have a discount, that’s a win-win. Additionally, you can also have a GPS tracker installed to increase the level of security, and allow you (and the authorities) to track your stolen vehicle.

Turn Off The Engine, Get the Keys

You may sometimes be tempted to just leave your vehicle for a minute or two to buy something from the grocery store or gas station. But no matter how quick you think you are, car thieves are a lot quicker and may be able to steal your car as soon as you turn your back. So do the logical thing and just bring your car keys. Another situation where people leave the car running and keys in the ignition is when they have kids or pets inside and wish to keep the AC on while they’re out — this is a BAD idea; you’d be risking your car and endangering your kids and/or pets.

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Comprehensive Auto Insurance

If you live in or frequently go to a dangerous/risky neighborhood, having comprehensive insurance may be a bit more expensive, but it’s totally worth it. Make sure that your trusted automobile insurance company in Wisconsin has a package that covers vandalism and theft, apart from the usual risks and incidents.


Keeping your valuable car safe in a dangerous neighborhood can be challenging, but with these simple and practical tips, you’d be able to lower the risk of having it vandalized, damaged, or stolen.