Keep Your SEO Service Provider Honest by Knowing Their Tasks

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One of the problems with hiring an SEO firm in Sydney and other cities is that most business owners are not exactly clear about what you can expect from them. Some people expect them to be miracle workers and drive incredible amounts of traffic in only a month or so.

These unrealistic expectations can cause problems. Additionally, not knowing what your SEO team’s duties can result in you being cheated of services. To better set your expectations, here is a brief guide of SEO duties that your SEO firm should be doing.

Auditing Your Website

Search engine optimization is about raising your website’s profile. If your SEO team doesn’t take a look at your website first, then you’ve got the wrong SEO agency. SEO on your website will focus on various factors. One of them is how the website is structured. It should have a great interface so that visitors can go around easily and access the various parts. Additionally, the use of sitemaps should help when it comes to search engine crawling.

The second layer of the SEO audit will then focus on the site’s content and layout. You want a site that looks great and allows for easy reading. Combined with content that people are interested in reading, the site will have a better position on search engine pages. Finally, SEO companies need to look at the tech behind your webpage, like how fast it is and more to better improve it for web performance.

Search For Keywords

Another major duty that SEO companies have is to search for keywords. Most of modern SEO has its foundations on using the right keywords on the right pages. In the early days, keywords were simple enough. However, as the Internet evolves, older keywords are becoming useless. This is why the constant need for keyword updating and searching. Your SEO company should be able to provide you with the needed keywords and the current rankings on a regular basis.

Analyze Your Backlinks

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The links to your site also influences how well it performs on search engines. This is why tracing all of the links is important. Your SEO team’s job is to check out whether they are good or bad for your site. For example, poor quality backlinks like those from unrelated industries make it look like someone is trying to manipulate things. This draws Google’s ire, and you can expect a downgrade. On the other hand, propagating good backlinks is another part of the SEO team’s job so they should be reaching out and contacting people.

Look at Your Competitors

You are not alone in the market, and your competition will also be doing its best when it comes to SEO. To keep up with them or to counteract them, you will need to know what they are doing. Monitoring them is another job for your SEO team.

Regular Reports

Finally, all of these duties will generate large amounts of data. Your SEO company needs to compile them and provide you with a regular report so that you can make decisions for your company’s SEO strategy.

Knowing what to expect from your SEO company can go a long way towards better relationships with them. No more impossible demands from you to them is one benefit. Keep your SEO agency focused on the tasks above, and you can be sure to see results soon.