Indoor Air Pollution also Exists: Improving Air Quality at Home

Fresher Indoor EnvironmentYou may think that the confines of your home are safe from outdoor dust, allergens and pollutants. After all, you use a variety of air fresheners and scents to make sure your house stays fresh and smells amazing. Despite all your efforts, however, the quality of your indoor air can be five times more polluted than what you breathe in outdoors!

As stated by the Environment Protection Agency, this is a cause for concern since families spend 90% of their time at home. So, what’s the best way to purify household air?

Keep Your Floors Spic and Span

Your household is host to a variety of dust and allergens such as pollen, pet dander and dust mites. In fact, floors gather more dust and dirt more than any other surface in the home. Use your vacuum cleaner to suck up dirt that accumulates on carpet edges and upholstered furniture. Once you’ve finished vacuuming, make sure you mop the floor, for good measure.

Fix Indoor Leaks Right Away

Don’t underestimate what leaks can do to your household. Aside from causing mould and mildew to form, studies have shown that the increased dampness in a home can trigger wheezing, coughing and asthma. So, check your roof and ceiling if they need any repairs to solve both indoor moisture and air problems.

Clean Your Air-Conditioning Units Regularly

Air conditioning units operate at full blast, especially during the summer season. The heat and humidity, however, cause mould to grow and spread inside the unit. Over time, the air released from an AC unit could develop unpleasant smells and potentially cause respiratory disorders. According to Contour, having your AC units cleaned at least once every year can help improve the quality of air released from the unit significantly.

Living in a house free of dust and allergens can spell the difference between developing respiratory disorders and an enhanced quality of life at home. Purify the air you breathe in for a fresher house and better living conditions.