Incorporating Technology While Still Living Off the Grid

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Ironically there are numerous debates on the internet on what it truly means to be “off the grid” these debates range from “If you use the technology, you’re not truly off the grid” to “Some technology is okay as long as it helps you stay off the grid.” And as interests grow self-sufficient, and sustainable living and the fear of relying too much on technology, a considerable amount of people are looking into living off-grid.

However, despite popular belief, living off the Grid is possible while still using electricity and being connected to the internet. The Grid refers to the power grid. As long as you have an independent source of electricity, preferably something sustainable such as a solar-powered battery or something similar that doesn’t connect you to the overall modern electrical Grid, you are considered “off the grid.”

What Technology Can I Use While Staying Off the Grid?

Many people will be happy to know that living off the Grid doesn’t require anyone to live primitively, although you can if you choose to do so if you want, there are multiple ways to stay off the Grid, and it all depends on how much you want to be reliant on yourself and the nature around you without the aid of technology. So, what exactly is the bare minimum to stay off the Grid?

Keep a PDA with You

There are a variety of ways of keeping track of your day without the need for a cellphone. Having your very own personal digital assistant (PDA) is an excellent way of keeping tabs on your day while taking down important information. Even if you’re living off the grid, you might need it in keeping track of news, your location, and other vital functions without being too public with your location. If your PDA isn’t working as it should be, there are PDA repair services that can help with much-needed repairs.

solar panels

Solar Panels

Solar panels are not only good for the environment, but they’re also essential for staying off the Grid. If you want to remain off the Grid, you should invest in a 4kW solar panel system; this is the most common domestic size panel that can power everything in your off-grid home or bunker without having to worry about getting billed from the electric company.

Battery Storage Units

Once you have your solar panel system, the next item to invest in should be a battery storage unit that can store excess energy that your solar panels have collected throughout the day. This battery storage unit can come in handy on the days when the sun refuses to shine and can give you a few days or even a week’s worth of electricity when you need it.

Water Purifier

Humans can go without food for three weeks but can only survive for three days without water. This inability to survive for long periods without water is because human bodies are made up of 60% water, so it is crucial to have a water purifier so that water is easily accessible to you whenever you need it. This device’s importance for staying off-grid cannot be exaggerated; hence, it should be one of the first things to get when investing in off-the-grid equipment.

AM FM Portable Radio

Just because you are off the Grid doesn’t mean that you want to miss out on any critical announcements from your government. During emergencies, local government units or even the federal government will use AM FM radio waves to issue reports and warnings via radio waves.

Mobile Signal Boosters

Even while staying off the Grid, it is still essential to stay connected, especially with your friends, family, and law-enforcement. However, living off-grid usually means staying in far-flung places that more often than not have weak or zero mobile reception. Mobile signal boosters alleviate this conundrum by providing you with a means to boost your mobile reception even in remote areas so you can quickly contact whoever it is you want to reach.

Living off the grid and foregoing the modern comforts you are accustomed to can be one of the most challenging things to take. However, this doesn’t have to be the case every time. You can take certain technologies to enhance your off-grid experience without having to compromise on the core ideals of staying off the grid.

Additionally, when living off the grid, you must also practice habits that help with the transition from being reliant on most modern technologies to only the bare essentials listed above.