How to Avoid Scratches on your Floor

polishing the floor

The surface of your home is an essential structure since it is where all foot activity happens. The walking, running, rolling, and even sliding is done with your feet on the ground. In the construction of a house, homeowners see to it that the floor is sturdy and stable for any heavy-duty action. All the surface parts of your home from the garage to the attic must always be clean and even. But sometimes, there are instances wherein scratches and dents cannot be prevented.

These happen because of objects that are too rough for the surface to handle. Moving heavy furniture through pushing can also cause abrasions. Objects with rollers are big problems as well since it can cause significant scrapes on the ground. To avoid all of these to happen, here are some safety tips on how you can keep your floor smooth and proportional at all times:

1. Coating

Putting extra protection on your garage floor is essential. It is where heavy vehicles and objects are placed. The surface must have a coat to inhibit chemicals and substances like paint to stay. In Utah, an epoxy coating for your garage can be done as home service. With the application of epoxy, your floor will have increased durability and endurance. Cleaning will also be easier. You can use a vacuum or a mop to clean the surface. If there are areas with large dirt or paint, you can do pressure wash.

2. Furniture Pads

Furniture pads are usually custom fit to your needs. You can buy them at any hardware store, or you can make a DIY version. These pads are made from towels or foam. Anything soft that will not scratch the floor will do. You may stick them on the legs of the furniture using adhesive tapes. If the furniture is too heavy, you may put a nail on the pad to keep it tightly held.

3. Carpets

cleaning the carpet

Carpets are essential, specifically in places where people always go in and out. It is prevention for scratches since the shoes will not have to touch the floor anymore. Mats can be placed anywhere from open spaces and under the furniture. They can also be used effectively when moving big cabinets and tables. With a carpet underneath it, you can effortlessly slide the object while not harming your floor.

4. Clean

Products like floor cleaners and wax can maintain the smoothness of the ground. Some abrasions on the floor can still be remediated with the use of the domestic product and a rug. Lightly sweeping the area can remove dust and debris. If there are stains that cannot be removed through mopping, your next option is to rinse it with a hose.

Keep your floor always clean and smooth with these following tips. You can protect your home from any scratch or scrape through preventive concepts. If you already have damage on the floor, don’t fret because it can still be fixed with the help of experts and professionals.