Do These Things in Your Home Need Replacement?

kitchen interior

If you spend a long time living in the same house, it may be easy to fall into a pattern and stop noticing when things around or outside the house need replacement. Usually, there are some telltale signs of when you need to replace or renovate. Generally, every year, you should observe everything in the house and make notes of whether it is in need of repair. This will save you money by making sure that nothing stops working all of a sudden. It will also help retain your home’s value. Here are some things in your home that may need replacement


We don’t usually think of siding when we think of things that need regular maintenance. Yet, the siding of your house is often in need of changing. How often it needs changing depends on the material that you have used to build it. Most siding in Utah is made of vinyl, which can last up to 50 years and longer with proper maintenance. But you will need to clean it regularly. Wooden or aluminium siding does not last quite as long due to damage from weather or moisture.

Signs that your siding needs to be changed includes visible rot and warped shapes. If there are visible cracks and dents, you should also change it. Sometimes, you may not notice any apparent damage but realize that your heating or cooling bills are increasing. This could be due to problems with your siding.

Exterior paint

It is usually easier to tell when your exterior paint needs changing. This is usually if there are dark stains from water damage, calcification, or mold. You should also keep an eye out for fading and if your walls are looking worn-out. If you live in an area where there is a lot of rainfall or high temperature, you will have to repaint your home more frequently. Go for something that is weatherproof or at least waterproof.

Wooden staircases

Wooden staircase

These and porches may not always show clear signs of damage. But it is imperative to check for signs of damage in these regularly. A damaged porch of staircase can easily give out and cause grievous injury to both people and the overall structure of your home. Always look for signs such as unevenness or wood feeling spongy or soft. This indicates rot and water damage. Check for loose floorboards. Check so that one part does not seem to have sunk into the ground. Generally, wooden structures are safe for at least ten years.


These and roof tiles need to be replaced, depending on the material they are made of. Generally, they need to be replaced every 20 to 30 years. Wooden shingles will have to be changed more frequently if there are signs of sag or mold or if water is leaking into your home when it rains.

Owning a home comes with many responsibilities. Even small things need to be maintained properly and replaced when necessary in order for your home to be safe and presentable.