How Much Would It Cost to Remodel a Master Bedroom?

Luxury master bedroom with white carpet

Luxury master bedroom with white carpetHomeowners in Utah who plan to remodel their master their bedrooms should expect to spend between $21,500 and $63,100 on average, but it may be more or less expensive based on certain factors.

While a smaller bedroom will cost less to renovate, you could make it appear larger by using simple design tricks. If you plan to buy a mattress in Salt Lake City, one way to enlarge the room’s appearance requires careful consideration of the furniture that matches the bed size.

For instance, placing a king-sized mattress in between a pair of small night stands would not look good.

Drafting the Project

Your choice of the redesign will be an important part of the budget planning, so plan ahead if you want to follow a high-end remodel or adding a bathroom. Both choices will cost more, but take note that tearing down walls will easily inflate the cost in most cases.

In fact, any changes to the structural components of your house may no longer be treated as a remodel. Instead, a contractor may charge you for the rate of rebuilding a room.

If you do not want to rebuild a small room yet want to make it look bigger, one way to do so requires the use of solid colors and small prints, particularly for your bed. Since this is the commonly the largest item in the room, it makes sense to use it as the centerpiece.

White generally creates an illusion of open spaces, but do not let it become too dreary by using pastel colors. Whether or not you plan to remodel the master bedroom, you should consider hiring a general contractor to manage the project on your behalf.

This saves you not only the price of hiring different service providers but also the time allotted for finding materials and monitoring project expenses among other tasks. Homeowners who are planning to sell their house after a renovation should definitely hire a professional to oversee the project.

How to Fund the Project

Toy house on top of a pile of moneyReselling your home after a renovation seems an almost certain way to increase the value of your home, but having money for the project will be a challenge before you could even think about the potential return on investment.

Home equity loans have been a good source of funding for most homeowners. However, taking out a loan against your home equity does not always seem wise.

A master bedroom remodel with the aim of reselling the house is a good reason, but it won’t be a worthwhile expense if you only plan to use the money for new furniture or beddings. There are other available financing options that offer better interest rates, which may include your credit cards.

Ask for at least three quotes from different contractors to compare the best rates for remodeling a master bedroom. While a general contractor handles all of the work, some tasks can be easily done like picking the accessories from pillows and sheets that can be bought in-store.