A Guide to Window Tint Types

window tint film

window tint filmWhen you look at the options available in window tinting, the number of choices you have can sometimes get overwhelming. There are many types of films available, all of them with some specific benefits. Knowing their unique features will help you pick the film suitable for your home or office.

The Basic Films

All the films use stretched plastic after melting. Manufacturers draw this plastic out until they become thin enough as a film. Various chemicals added to the material make it scratchproof and block UV rays.

These are basic types available, and you can use them right away if you only want to block ultraviolet rays.

The Other Popular Types

1. Dyed window films lend tint. This where a basic film receives further treatment with coloured dyes to give it the required coloured tint, which absorbs the heat. People usually install this on the interior side so that the glass takes all the heat and reflects it back into the atmosphere. This kind of film is useful on boats, cars, recreational vehicles, and even in sun-exposed homes.

2. The deposited types are metal-treated, and provide insulation as well. Window tinting in Perth that is of this type uses copper, nickel, chromium or aluminium. This is slightly thicker and darker, but much more reflective. Commercial buildings and offices employ them extensively. The metal options are limited, though, and there are few options in colour and design.

3. Sputtered films are similar to the deposited type with similar features. The difference is in the manufacturing process used to make them. With this technique, it is possible to use other metals too. The customer has more colour and pattern options with this type, and owing to its variety, more homeowners prefer this.

4. Hybrid is last type, made by combining two materials to lessen glare and while simultaneously reducing the dark shade.

Now that you know the features, you are better equipped to make a suitable choice. Know first the exact specifications that you need, and choose accordingly.

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