Going Social: 3 Reasons Businesses Should Embrace Social Login

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business manIn a world where customers are spoiled for choice, people expect more than ever before from retailers before they make a purchase. Because there is no denying that the present generation lives behind the screens of their phones, offering free Wi-Fi can help you create a positive experience for customers.

Most people, however, hate filling out long registration pages to access your free Wi-Fi.

Use social login. When you allow customers to use their social networking credentials to sign in to the network, lots of wheels are set in motion: they get Wi-Fi access while you, as the merchant, reap customer data that you can use to fine-tune your services.

Let us take a deeper look at why your business should embrace social login:


How often have you looked at a standard registration form in irritation because you have neither the time nor the patience to fill it up? Social login makes the process faster and easier. On top of that, when a customer connects to your Wi-Fi via their social network profiles like Facebook, they are also sharing with you a host of useful information. That includes their age, gender, location, interests, and even their relationship status. Simply put, social login, according to Internet Solutions, allows you to discover who your core audience really is.

Personalised Experience for Customers

Users want a personalised online experience. In particular, they are looking for a website that makes things easier for them. Imagine logging into an online store. Before you start searching for a product you want, the site lines up a few suggestions that are right up your alley.

By mining data via social login, you can understand user behaviours through their social profile. You can then create a personalised experience for them, which improves the chances of them buying the product.


Using social login is also a great way to enhance the credibility of your site and your brand. It allows you to foster credibility by increasing the word-of-mouth about your services, making it easy to follow you, and ensuring that you come up with content directed at your customers. Social login also allows you to create an environment that allows you to engage with customers actively.

Social login is interesting innovative, and potentially profitable, and your business needs to embrace it to remain competitive.

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