Get Essential Nutrients from Blending and Juicing

Sandwich & fresh fruits

A typical working adult needs critical micronutrients from the diet. These nutrients become available to the body as soon as they are absorbed in the intestines. The body utilises nutrients to supply energy for metabolic processes, build enzymes, and fight harmful microorganisms. If you increase your intake of fruits and vegetables, you are more equipped to face daily challenges.

Essential nutrition from fresh produce

Numerous studies have established the merits of eating more than five servings of vegetables and fruits a day. The antioxidants, anti-inflammatory substances, and essential nutrients decrease the risk for cardiovascular disease and stroke. It may not be possible for you to keep up the habit of consuming five or more servings of essential nutrients. But that is only if you limit your options to serving whole fruits and vegetables. What if there is a way to reap the benefits without having to prepare or cook them?

Fresh is the best

You might have heard that buying a commercial citrus juicer can help you obtain fresh juice, which contains essential micronutrients for good health. However, you ought to be aware that not all fruit juices are created equal. Some of the packed juices you see on grocery shelves may contain preservatives. It’s better to buy fresh fruits and vegetables and either blend or juice them into smoothies.

Reaping the benefits of blending and juicing

Girl blending juice

Blended smoothies and juices offer one huge advantage. They make the nutrients available to your body immediately. As soon as they are ingested, the nutrients can make their way to cells through the circulatory system. If you need vitamins and minerals to build new tissue, your cells will have the needed ingredients. If cells require repair, the raw materials will be readily available.

Blending versus juicing

One question remains: Which between blending and juicing offers greater benefits? Is juicing more advantageous, or should you blend instead? When you blend, the whole vegetable or fruit goes into the blender. Meanwhile, juicing separates the juice from the fibrous parts of the produce. High-quality juicers will doubtless retrieve the phytonutrients that you need from fruits and vegetables. However, you cannot deny the additional benefits offered by blending. Blended smoothies have high fibre content since the pulp is included in the mixture. Fibre-rich drinks aid digestion and remove toxins. The benefits of blending juices and vegetables are undeniable.

Blending or juicing?

Which process is better? Juicing may seem wasteful since you throw away the pulp. However, millions of people are still spending time and resources preparing their own juice mixes and enjoying better health because of their increased intake of essential nutrients. Perhaps instead of relying on popular opinion, you should decide which process suits your needs and lifestyle best.

If you cannot always cook meals with the required serving of vegetables and fruits, you can purchase a juicer and fulfill the recommended daily allowance. Alternately, you can take in various sources of nutrients by blending a variety of fresh produce. Blended preparations offer the advantage of having high fibre content.

Fruits and vegetables should play a huge part in your daily meals. Perhaps you should be heading out now to a weekend farmer’s market and fill up a basket with fresh produce.