Gadgets Used to Unblock a Storm Water Drain

Water down the drain

Too much stagnant water anywhere can cause damage to a property. If it is in your home or apartment block, it can affect your daily activities. Storm water drains can get blocked when it rains and water washes over roofs, streets, parking lots, and land surfaces. Unblocking them can be burdensome, especially if there are no proper gadgets and tools.

The necessary gadgets depend on the causes and the extent of the blockage. But, keep in mind that professional services is required to remove large obstructions and blockages. To learn more about this issue, here is a brief discussion from

Water down the drainGeneral Causes for the Blockage

  • Roots penetrating the pipes, causing a wedge-like block
  • Pipes caving in and causing an obstruction
  • If the other pipes from the household get merged with the storm water pipes, then improper disposal of plastic bags, diapers and napkins can also cause blockage.
  • Cooking oil, household products and fats disposed of wrongly down the pipe can cause congestion.

Gadgets and Methods to Remove the Obstruction

  • A plumber’s eel is an electrical device used to cut the roots and other plant-related blockages. It has a spinning cutter that can easily slice through the blockage.
  • The cable of the eel is sent into the pipeline until it reaches the blocked area. Once the blade is close to the block, the device is turned on to chew away the blockage.
  • If the pipe has caved in, it has to be replaced or repaired so that water can flow smoothly.
  • If other objects have blocked the pipeline, a high-pressure water jet will be effective. It will blast water and flush away the objects obstructing the flow of water.
  • If oil or fats have clogged down the narrower pipelines, use extremely hot water to flush it out, provided the pipes can handle the high temperature.
  • Some chemicals are also available to flush the pipes, which are very effective when used with a normal suction pump. But, this method is not suitable for larger pipes.

While checking the pipes for blocks regularly can be tedious, it is advisable to take preventive steps to avoid a blockage. Blockages and clogging happens gradually. If the objects are properly disposed of and there are no trees close to the storm water pipes, more than half the blockages can be averted.

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