Four Things You Shouldn’t Believe About Skinny People

slim woman with tape measure on her waist

If you browse online and come across sites about body weight, chances are most of them are about how to lose extra pounds. It’s rare that you’ll encounter articles on how to gain weight.

It’s probably one of the reasons many people have misconceptions about skinny people. But the truth is one, they don’t starve their selves, and two, they still need to exercise like everyone else. Some of them are even suffering from health issues that make it hard for them to gain weight, which is also one of several symptoms of thyroid problems.

Many individuals in Salt Lake City who have similar problems would want other people to stop believing the myths surrounding skinny people. Read on to know the truth.

Myth #1: Skinny people don’t eat.

Whenever normal-sized persons encounter thin individuals, the former usually ask the latter if they rarely eat to stay thin. If you’ve been thin your whole life without you exerting any effort to stay slim, then you know that it’s ridiculous for some people to assume that you don’t eat what other people eat.

People with thyroid problems, for example, hyperthyroidism, still eat anything, such as hamburgers, hotdogs, pizzas, and steaks. But because there’s something wrong with their metabolism, they don’t really gain any weight.

Myth #2: Skinny people don’t need to exercise.

For so many years, people have associated losing weight with going to the gym that when they see a skinny person, they automatically think that individual no longer needs to exercise. But the truth is skinny people also go to the gym not only to become healthier but also to put on some weight by increasing their muscle mass.

Obese people may envy skinny individuals because of their slim figure, but these people are just as conscious about the image of their bodies that they too would want to do something about it. They’re not entirely happy of being so thin, so they also want to go to the gym to make their muscles look bigger.

Myth #3: Focusing on skinny people’s bodies is an ego booster.

woman sad and lonely sitting on the floor

Just like overweight or obese people, focusing on someone’s physique won’t boost a skinny person’s self-esteem. Granted, more people wish they’re thinner but calling a skinny person thin as a pencil or a toothpick won’t make them feel better.

If obese people want others to stop mentioning anything about their weight, then skinny people deserve the same kind of treatment. The gist here is that both of them have feelings that can get hurt if someone focuses too much on their physique.

Myth #4: Skinny people are anorexic.

A big no. Assuming that all skinny people have an eating disorder is wrong and insulting. Some people are just born that way and they would want others to accept it as it is rather than making up stories that they’re anorexic or bulimic.

Skinny people are just like any other person. Just like people who are heavy, skinny people have their insecurities about their weight, too. So, it’s not proper to call their attention to how skinny they are. The best thing you can do is to compliment them on something else other than their physique and go your way.