Five Things About Whiplash You May Not Be Aware Of

When we hear about whiplash, most of us think of a car accident. We imagine a horrendous car crash where the driver’s head jerked so violently that his neck got sprained.

But the reality is that even the slightest force can already cause an injury to the neck. So, if you have suffered from an accident and your neck is in pain, seek whiplash treatment in Lehi immediately to prevent your condition from worsening. If you want to learn more facts about whiplash, read on.

You can get whiplash from any accident

Say, you are playing high-impact sports like football, snowboarding, mountain bike racing, boxing, skiing, or gymnastics. As long as the force is enough to jerk your head swiftly, you can suffer from whiplash. 

Minimum force is enough to cause whiplash

Studies show that even at very slow speeds, you can experience whiplash. For example, a driver who is cruising at a speed of 10mph suddenly hits something, the resulting force, though minimal, can result in whiplash.

Aging makes you more prone to whiplash

Older people are more prone to whiplash because as you age, your neck muscles, ligaments, and discs become less flexible. Since you no longer move as much as you used to, you do not get to move your joints and muscles as much, too. So, when your head moves rapidly, your neck is more vulnerable to pain.

Whiplash symptoms can happen hours after the accident

Even if you leave unscathed following an accident, you should still have your neck checked for injuries. If you experienced a whiplash, then perhaps you will feel some pain and stiffness in your neck. Other symptoms are numbness or tenderness in the arms, shoulder, and upper back, as well as dizziness and fatigue.

But there are some people who do not feel pain hours or even days after the incident only to suffer from whiplash eventually. Make sure to get yourself checked properly even if you do not show symptoms. Get an X-ray and other imaging tests to see if your neck experienced any trauma. Also, imaging tests can detect if any of your bones suffered from minor fractures that could worsen in time.


Rest, but not too much

It is important to rest and recuperate because if you do not take time to sit still, you will exacerbate your condition. However, doctors say that resting too much could actually worsen your condition.

The reason behind this is that your muscles become weak and stiff if you do not move a lot for too long. That is the same reason people who stopped working out for a long time experience severe muscle aches after coming back to the gym. Make sure to ask your doctor when’s the soonest you can get back on your feet after suffering from whiplash.

Whiplash may be a common condition, but a lot of people have misconceptions about it. Now that you know the facts about it, you will be more prepared to manage it.