Five Business Opportunities That You Can Explore Even During a Pandemic

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The World Health Organization (WHO) predicted a 132-million increase from the current estimate of 690 million undernourished individuals by 2021. Moreover, some 3.3 billion workers face the real and ever-present risk of job loss, while countless businesses and industries are also at a high risk of closing down temporarily or permanently in most cases. All of these dire effects and predictions stem from the wide-reaching negative impacts of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the end of which is not yet foreseeable.

But while these grim facts should be enough to make any strong person have doubts, there are, fortunately, some silver linings on the horizon that could give hope to countless individuals. Specifically, the predicted trends in health and wellness for 2021 as a direct response to the current threats posed by the deadly virus to vulnerable people. These trends could serve as viable business opportunities that you should try your luck on as they are currently, and projected to remain, in-demand revenue streams even as the COVID-19 pandemic rages on.

Here are five business opportunities that you should try your hands on during the pandemic:

1. Health and nutrition-related business.

Healthcare management, human nutrition, child nutrition and cooking, and nutrition, therapeutics, and health — these are just some in-demand business options that you may explore. Many universities actually offer diploma courses on these disciplines, such as contact tracing courses, that are automatically employable given the current high demand for specialists in these disciplines.

2. Home wellness.

As people would likely remain cautious about going out in crowded places to avail themselves of health and wellness services, the home wellness route is definitely worth taking. This is why it’s now the right time to get a health coach diploma course and similar diploma courses focusing on health and wellness that can be done remotely or at the patient’s home (with necessary COVID-19 precautions, of course). You won’t run short of potential clients who want to stay in the pink of health but without the added risk of going to the gym.

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3. Remote work.

Workers who are working virtually are seen to be increasing in numbers these days as businesses close office. In fact, there is no better time to be a virtual worker than right now. The added perk of being relatively safe from potential COVID-19 transmission and being in an environment where you can be at peace as you accomplish the deliverables for the day should be enough motivation to consider this revenue option.

4. Immunity boosters.

The future of immunity boosters is already bright right now, thanks to the highlight given it by the ongoing pandemic. With an increasing number of people realizing just how vulnerable immunocompromised individuals are to COVID-19, immune-boosting food and health supplements will enjoy a huge boost in the coming year. So, if you want a business venture with a ready market, then selling immunity boosters is a path worth treading.

5. Soul and spirit exercise, sound massage.

While these may be relatively unknown wellness methods, they are predicted to have their day in the limelight. Sound massage, for one, had an astounding 285-percent increase in online engagements back in 2018. These great methods of achieving a healthy mind and body (and apparently, even the soul) should be among your business options right now.

With such promising pandemic business opportunities, there are truly many reasons to be optimistic about even in the middle of a global health crisis.