Financial Planning Through the Decades

financial goals paysonHow do you work your way towards financial independence and a comfortable retirement? It takes decades. In fact, it will take most of your working life. Your financial plan should mature as you mature in order to meet goals and prepare for what’s to come.

Here are what you should focus on depending on your age:
In Your 20’s. Most 20-somethings enjoy independence and the youthful exuberance to work and earn as much as they can. During this time, you should start being mindful of your expenses and live within your budget. While you should definitely start working on your retirement fund and emergency fund, your 20’s should be about developing your spending and saving habits to ensure future success.
In Your 30’s. Before making big finance goals, you should concentrate on paying off all debts and putting away at least six months worth of savings in an emergency fund. If you have dependents, suggests you start consulting an estate planning attorney. Start saving up for educational funds for your children, as well as diversifying your investment portfolio.
In Your 40’s. Work on saving up for early retirement, or even nest eggs for your kids. Make sure your money is always growing by opening other business ventures and setting up multiple streams of passive income.
In Your 50’s. Ideally, the kids are out of the house, you’re in a good place at work, and your finances are stable or you may have already achieved financial independence. It’s time to use some of that money for pleasure as well as make bolder investments to gain a higher reward. Make sure you update your estate planning as your net worth increases.
Personal finance doesn’t have to be complicated. The key to success is to start as soon as possible, and make goals that will make it impossible for you to live a comfortable life currently. When you’re able to adjust your finance goals according to your lifestyle, the easier it will be to put away money instead of spending it all now.