Enjoyable Halloween Ideas for Your Apartment Community

Halloween Pumpkin in OttawaThe colour of the leaves is changing, Pumpkin Spice Lattes are on the menu once more, and costume shops are making a comeback. It’s official: Halloween is just around the corner. As with other holidays, sandyhillapartments.ca encourages you to take advantage of the opportunity to have a good time and bond with your apartment community. Here are some suggestions to get your neighbours to join in on the holiday fun.

Lobby Candy

If your apartment community is large, it can be hard for trick-or-treaters to ring your neighbours’ doorbells one by one. Instead of disheartening all those kids dressed up as ghosts and monsters, ask your neighbours to offer a bag of sweets in the lobby and get a leasing agent or a security guard to welcome the trick-or-treaters and offer candy on behalf of the whole apartment.

Scary Movies

During Halloween, there may be apartment residents who would enjoy a spooky movie or two. Drop by to your local DVD store and rent Halloween movies appropriate for both adults and children. You can either charge your fellow residents money or ask them to donate food in exchange for the rental. This is a wonderful way to persuade people to have an enjoyable night as an apartment community.

Pumpkin Carving

Halloween just isn’t complete without a pumpkin carving activity. If your apartment has a multipurpose room, see if you can hold a pumpkin carving event in there. It’s best if the residents would do the actual carving preparations in the community room instead of doing it at their own apartments.

To make the event more lively, turn on some lively music and offer pizza and apple cider. This is the perfect scenario for residents to familiarize themselves with one another and you even get helping hands to assist you with the decorations for the entire apartment.

Halloween becomes more fun when you celebrate it with your community. So, go ahead and use these suggestions to create the best Halloween event of your life.