Engaging Testimonies about Tattoos

Getting a TattooMany people especially the adults still have a conservative idea of tattoos. But, these days, you can see a lot of young people and women flaunting their tattoos in public. They strongly believe that it is a form of art, not a sign of idiocracy. Many people consider getting a tattoo these days because of its engaging effects that will change your prejudice about this form of body art.


This is the oldest, but the most common reason for getting a tattoo. They want to show they have a control over their mind and body. Young people articulate that everyone has the freedom to express themselves in their own ways. In Brisbane, there are tattoo shops like seventhcircle.com.au that perform custom tattoos in which you can freely suggest your own design. After all, it is your freedom; nobody will dictate it for you.

Conceal signs of breast cancer and tragedies

The worst thing about breast cancer is the scar it leaves a woman after a surgery. Seeing the scar leads to a long trauma, and reminds women of the long adversity it had caused them. Many women survivors have requested to conceal their scars with a beautiful tattoo art. It makes them feel more beautiful and poised. In other cases, some people were left with ugly scars after serious accidents. Tattoos have helped these people forget the ugly truth about their trauma and sacrifices.

Give new life to self-harmers

Self-harming is the worst thing that could happen to a teen. They think the effects would look awesome on their skin. But, it actually creates serious glitches to their lives. They will be mocked, ridiculed, and rejected by the society. But, tattoo artists have sought answers to solve this problem that could save self-harmers. With their artistry in hiding the scars, self-harmers became more confident and optimistic about life.

Creative and colourful designs

Black tattoo is not a fad anymore. Tattooists and clients have become more and more creative. Innovative designs such as 3D tattoo, stick-and-poke tattoos, coloured, or cute and small images have attracted people more. Even the oldies now accept this body art because of its appealing effects.

Tattoo, if not overly done, is pleasing to the eye. It doesn’t create annoyance to the public. People have the choice to do whatever they want for their body. We just have to respect their decisions because they also respect the norms.