Early Signs of Automatic Transmission Trouble

auto transmission

Unusual sounds and sensations are key indicators of mechanical problems. Such signs usually indicate that something is wrong with your vehicle. A lot of things go on with your car’s transmission, and after a while, some parts will not function the way they should.

auto transmission

Below are some signs of transmission trouble:

Leaking Transmission Fluid

Pay attention to the colour of the leaking fluid. If it’s red, then it probably comes from your transmission. Other car fluids like windshield wiper fluid and anti-freeze are also red. You’ll be able to differentiate the transmission fluid by its consistency and smell.

Automatic transmission fluid is an important component and contributes to your car’s shifting capabilities. When you notice a dark coloured fluid or a burnt smell, take your car to an automatic transmission repair shop in Perth and have it replaced.

Check Engine Light

Newer cars have transmission sensors that pick up irregularities in the engine and indicate that something is wrong in a particular area. The check engine light can be a good early indicator of automatic transmission trouble. To determine if your check engine light is warning you about a transmission problem, you can get a diagnostic scan tool or just take your car to a mechanic for verification.

When your transmission refuses to go into the correct gear, it’s a sure sign that something’s wrong. For a car diagnosis, call an auto transmission shop in Perth today.