Dealing with the Psychological Effects of Thinning Hair or Hair Loss

a man getting is head shaved

There are many reasons people lose their hair. It can be genetic, an underactive thyroid, or the effects of chemotherapy and other medications. The effects of alopecia (hair loss) or thinning hair are more than just physical. For many people, they suffer from low self-esteem and depression. Even if you can get scalp micropigmentation (SMP) treatment from someone who underwent SMP training, you will still have to deal with the psychological effects of losing your natural hair. Why is that? Cultures all around the world have made you believe that your hair is your “crowning glory.”

People associate beauty with great hairstyles; having great hair makes them feel beautiful. When they lose it for whatever reason, the psychological effect is always devastating, according to Robert T. Brodell, M.D., professor of internal medicine at Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine.

There are ways you can deal with the effects of hair loss or thinning hair to your psyche. Dealing or facing issues like this is the first step to fully embracing the loss of your natural hair.

Remind Yourself That Hair Loss Is Not Life-threatening

By itself, hair loss or thinning hair is not life-threatening. The emotional effects of hair loss, of course, is different when it is caused by chemotherapy. But for those who have gotten it genetically, it is important to remind themselves that so many people suffer from debilitating diseases and chronic and life-threatening diseases. Losing your hair should be trivial compared to what others are going through.

Surround Yourself with Your Loved Ones

cancer friends

Your friends and family will love you no matter what. It doesn’t matter to them if you have a full head of hair or you’re going bald on certain areas of your head. Your physical attributes will not change how they feel about you. Also, when it comes to attracting people, you still have many attributes that a potential partner will get attracted to.

Work with Beauty Experts

Once you embrace the fact that you are losing your hair, it’s time to search for beauty professionals and experts. They can advise you on the wig, hat, or headscarf that suits and complements your sense of style. In general, if your hair is thinning or you already have a bald spot, you must keep a short hairstyle rather than try to hide it.

Consider Going to Therapy

If you think the hit your self-esteem took because of hair loss is disabling you to enjoy and live life, consult with a mental health professional. Psychologists will try to make you talk and understand your problems. They will also help you find ways to cope with your negative feelings. But if the solutions do not work, you can go to a psychiatrist who can prescribe anti-depressant drugs.

Believe in Science

Beauty experts and medical professionals will continue to find ways to combat hair loss and create solutions for those suffering from it. If you cannot believe in your ability to embrace your new look, at the very least, believe in the power of science.

Hair loss and thinning hair are devastating to one’s self-esteem, but this is not the end of the world. Think of the more positive things in your life. Be determined to find a solution and focus your attention away from your ill feelings.