Dealing with Tenants that Are Downright Dirty


apartmentApart from rude tenants, dirty tenants are a landlord’s another nightmare. Rude tenants are a big concern, but you have nothing to complain about if they’re clean and keen at observing your rules regarding hygiene. Dirty tenants? No matter how nice they are, you will always find something to complain about. You get even more concerned if your tenant is both rude and dirty.

American Heritage Properties, Inc. says these kinds of tenants can cost you a lot. Most of them won’t care if the sink has gone awry or the paint is already peeling. Their habits may also invite pests, such as molds, rodents, and insects, which may cause further damage to the property. Don’t be too bashful to confront them; keep in mind that it’s still your property.

A Gentle Reminder

If you have a stringent and specific leasing agreement, you’re lucky. But don’t go knocking on your tenants’ door so you can wave it in your their face. That’s a rude thing to do. Remind them that included in the lease is a set of their responsibilities for the living space. Don’t be afraid to do this; you’re not forcing them to do it. You’re reminding them with conviction about their duties.

Regular Inspections

Some landlords have a clause in the lease that allows them to visit periodically for inspections and hire a cleaning service company at their tenants’ expense. Use this as a reminder that they need to clean their space.


If you’re too afraid to lose your tenants that you avoid confrontations, why not motivate them to clean? On top of reminding them about their duties in the lease, give them a separate set of house rules or template that they may choose to follow.

Now, if you can’t handle the stink and the dirt of your tenants and you have the backing of the leasing agreement, think of evicting them. At the end of the day, you need to protect your property from those who try to destroy it.

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