Combating the Signs of Aging in Men

    Men are generally less conscious of their looks and laxer when it comes to their health. But when they hit 40, there are physical signs that are more evident and pressing. Addressing them will boost a man’s self-confidence and improve his lifestyle. If you are one of those men entering their 40s, be on the lookout of the following symptoms:

    Is It Receding?

    It is common in men to have thinning hair as they age. It can be because of genes or hormonal changes. There is an effective shampoo for hair loss in the Philippines. Men are not fond of applying too many hair products. But they would love a straightforward solution.

    This shampoo is also packed with health benefits for the hair. You do not have to suffer seeing your hairline recede or yourself starting to go bald. You also do not need to hide in caps and bonnets. You can enjoy healthy hair minus all the fuss. After all, a man deserves to feel young giving moneyand look dapper.

    What Did You Say?

    Hearing loss may come later on. But it can also have its onset at around 40. There are many possible causes for this condition. Exposure to loud sounds when you were younger may contribute to early signs of hearing loss. Examples of which are rock music or heavy equipment. If you feel that your hearing is not as sharp as before, you may consult an ear specialist. Also, do not expose yourself to harsh sounds. Addressing this issue early on can save you from severe hair loss as you age.

    Will I Give Quasimodo a Run for His Money?

    As one grows older, his spine becomes weaker. As time progresses, there may be an over-curvature of the spine. This is known as kyphosis or “hunchback.” Many factors contribute to this. One big cause is the lack of physical activity during the younger years. Long hours at desk jobs are hard on the back.

    Letting kyphosis worsen will impede your movement and quality of life. To prevent this, a good investment in your health during your prime years and beyond is the answer. Involve yourself in physical activity that is good for the muscles and back. Include vitamin D, calcium, and protein in your diet.

    Where Did I Put My Keys?

    This question will be common as one ages. This will come along with, “Have you seen my eyeglasses?” or things to such effect. Forgetfulness is another sign of aging. For some, it is only a harmless thing. But if one does not take care of his mind, conditions such as dementia might develop. There are many strategies to keep a sharp mind. Be sure to take care of your brain as much as you care for your body. After all, they are connected.

    Did I Just Snooze Off?

    Older people find themselves falling asleep in the most unlikely times and places. But when it is time for a good snooze at night, they might find themselves unable to. This can be attributed to lower production of melatonin or the sleep hormone. Do not resort to medications as quick fixes as these might give adverse side effects. Instead, you can try natural ways to have a good sleep.

    Aging might present challenges. But aging gracefully is not only reserved for women. Men can also show how they can still be tough even as years add up to their age.