Colours That Can Elevate Your Mood

House With White Wall PaintColours are used by many cultures to encourage mental wellness and fight stress. In many studies, a stressed people often suffer from several serious health issues. Aside from diet and lifestyle changes, adding a new colour to your home or having Wellington house painters change your paint can help decrease your stress levels and elevate your mood. Here are six mood elevating colours you can put in your home.

1. Blue

This hue can manage stress with its peaceful, calm and gentle effect. Blue calms your mind, lowers your heart rate, blood pressure, and anxiety levels. Painting a soft neutral blue shade on your bedroom walls can give you a peaceful night’s rest.

2. Green

Green is the colour of nature and has a relaxing effect on the eyes. Using shades such as olive green in your living room is the next best thing if you don’t have potted indoor plants. The colour can reduce stress yet still keep you active to face the day’s demands.

3. Pink

Using this colour calms down people who are angry and hyperactive. Pink soothes hyperactivity and nervousness and gives people a calm energy.

4. White

This colour gives a sense of purity and peace. Pregnant women respond well to this colour. When dealing with a great deal of stress, white can help you feel calm, fresh, and clear.

5. Violet

Violet signifies strength, peace, and wisdom. Adding a touch of violet in the house can put people in a contemplative mood and help them meditate.

6. Yellow

Yellow can make a person feel lively and energetic. Research has revealed that people who were placed in a yellow room are more active than other people.

Colours to brighten your day

Looking at these colours can reduce stress and elevate your mood. Add any of these colours and their similar shades can enhance your house’s curb appeal. In Wellington, hire house painters who can give your home the calm you want.