Cleaning Clothes by Going Green: Is it Possible?

Laundry in Melbourne With the threat of global warming, more people are looking into eco-friendly options to help and preserve the environment. Nowadays, even choosing a more eco-friendly way to wash and clean clothes has become possible.

Laundry is Going Green

According to a study conducted by Cambridge University, about 60% of the greenhouse gases released by a T-shirt throughout its lifetime are generally made during its washing and drying process. This means that cleaning a garment gives off more energy and emissions than producing, manufacturing, shipping, and selling it. Fortunately, technology has allowed us to develop machines that help minimise energy consumption and water pollution.

Eco-friendly washing machines and eco-dryers do exist. Among the many innovations that people have tried in making a more eco-friendly washing machines and dryers are combo machines that offer space-saving features and are more water-conservative. Another new innovation is the detergent-free washers that clean clothes through the hydrolysis principle, a process that splits water molecules so the OH- ions will attract the stains while the H+ ions sterilise the clothes.

For those who are looking for a simpler and even healthier option, then there are human-powered washing machines. Although most of these are still in their prototype stage, there are still many options available that are human-powered. They not only clean clothes, they also help keep the body fit.

Be More Eco-friendly

Finding a commercial laundry in Melbourne or anywhere in Victoria is not as difficult as you think. You can research online and find options for a more eco-friendly way to clean clothes. Not only with doing your own research provide you with the necessary information on which option is more ecological, you can also give ways for sustainable clothes washing and tips on how to conserve water and lower your expenses.

Everyone should their part in ensuring that the world in kept protected. Choosing to go green in cleaning clothes is but one way to help the environment. Fortunately, technology has made it possible for commercial laundry Melbourne to become a possibility.