3 Most Valuable Loot Found in Storage Wars

Pirate Treasure in SydneyAre you a fan of Storage Wars? If yes, you know that those guys in the show are like the modern-day Indiana Jones – they go on a journey, look for an abandoned storage unit auction, and bid all day long just to find a treasure within a unit full of clutter.

Before you hire a truck and roam around Sydney to score a treasure on your own, here are the most valuable loot items found in Storage Wars to inspire you:

  1.  Action Comics #1

During an episode of the first season of Storage Wars, the show revealed how one of the regular auctioneers found a good-condition copy of Action Comics #1 in an abandoned unit in California. The auctioneers then sold the comic book for over two million US dollars in a comic collector site.

  1. Beach Boys Collectible

In one of the few episodes where the show welcomed guest auctioneers, a radio station from Florida, USA joined the show. The radio guys bought a locker at a blind auction for around $300, but little did they know that the unit contained one of the most controversial contents in the show – The Beach Boys archive.

Originally listed as “documents and papers”, the contents turned out to be photos, musical and handwritten lyric sheets, contracts, and royalty cheques of the ’60s famous band. Unfortunately, the remaining members of the band filed a suit to reclaim the ownership of the locker contents. But after an eight-year court battle, the controversial archive was eventually sold in a closed-door auction for an undisclosed sum of about seven million pounds.

  1. Pirate Treasure

Who would’ve thought you’d find a real pirate treasure in an abandoned storage unit? Well, two of the regular auctioneers of the show found one – one huge box containing 16thcentury Spanish gold coins! The lucky auctioneers then sold the pirate loot to an anonymous buyer for around five hundred thousand US dollars.

With this valuable loot, it looks like you can really make money from rubbish – as long as you’re looking at an abandoned storage unit.