Cheating Spouse: Should You Take Him Back?

Spouse Infidelity in DenverYou think you have a perfect life, until you found out that your spouse is cheating on you. He admits of having a long-term affair, but tells you that it was just lapse of judgment. He says he’s sorry and promises to end it, so both of you can start again. You’re mad, but you’re thinking of taking him back for the sake of your marriage and the kids.

You think that the affair can bring you back together, believing that a relationship can improve after cheating. But is it the right thing to do? Could you trust a cheating spouse again?

Trust Issues After Cheating

Divorce attorneys in Denver and other parts of Colorado say that infidelity is one of the common reasons people breakup or file for divorce. Many think that it is the right thing to do, as a marriage or relationship tainted with unfaithfulness. Cheating, for the most part, removes the sense of freedom, trust, and respect. You’ll worry about it happening again, even though he promises to stay faithful to you.

You Deserve Better

Staying together may seem like the right thing to do if you want to save your marriage and family. If you, however, caught your husband having a full-blown affair, getting back together may not be a good option. Both counselors and divorce attorneys will tell you that you deserve a partner who honors and respects you. Note that infidelity can affect your self-esteem and you may start to believe that you don’t deserve a spouse who treats you the right way.

It is the Cheater’s Fault

Deciding to stay together is a personal decision, but if your spouse blames you for his affair, you have to rethink your decision. It is important to remember that it is not your fault. Your husband chose to have a relationship with another woman, and you have nothing do with it. Never allow him to put the blame on you, as he must take responsibility for his actions. Your spouse is a coward if he chose to cheat instead of trying to work out things with you.

There are many reasons taking a cheating husband back is not the right thing do. If you think you’ve had enough and you know you deserve better, don’t be afraid to end it. Divorce attorneys and therapists can help go through this process if you decide to end your marriage.