Car Guy for Life: How to Join Your First Car Show

First Car ShowA car guy is a car guy, whether they’re 19 or 91. And that’s what’s so special about car shows. Most people who pass them at the mall parking lot don’t think much about the proud owners of the vehicles on display. They’d probably gawk at the shiny playthings on wheels for a minute or two and that’s it. But when the owner of a 2016 souped up Jag gets to talking shop with the owner of a 60s American pony car, those two people are representing generations of car enthusiasts and having the time of their lives. Sure, now and then someone would argue their generation produced the best machines, but in the general scheme, they’re all just happy to be showing their cars and talking.

How to Join Your First Car Show

You’re probably itching to join the fun, especially now that you’re the proud owner of several classics. You’ve even surfed the web for a low loader trailer for sale so you can move your collection from one show to another without driving them. But how do you join the shows? It’s simple, actually; just ask the car guys at the shows you visit.

Some shows are just free-for-all events; car enthusiasts inviting other car enthusiasts to come and join them, show their latest wheels. Other shows may require you to pay a fee, but those are typically the shows that give out prizes.

If you can’t find shows right now, or can’t get any help from the participants, browse the web and look for shows set in your area.

What Not to Do in a Car Show

There are no rules of ethics at these shows, but there are some that most participants would appreciate. Here are some of them:

  • Don’t go speeding during a show or parade. You don’t want the police chasing you and cancelling the entire show.
  • Don’t be that jerk who thinks their ride is the only one that matters.
  • Don’t rev your engine and fill the indoor venue with exhaust smoke.
  • Never arrive intoxicated. Apart from the fact that you’re driving, you’re also driving to a car show. Imagine causing a fender bender between your Mustang and the Mercedes Gullwing in front of you.
  • Just be nice to other car owners, generally, and to the visitors just trying to take pictures and admire your rides.

It’s nice to share something you feel strongly about with others who feel the same. If you love cars, then join a car show or two. After all, a car guy is a car guy, at any age, anywhere.