Beyond Acting: Lucrative Opportunities from Other Stage Skills

Life Of An ActorThe life of an actor involves more than just learning acting skills to perform remarkably in front of an audience or camera. They should also be able to learn other abilities that are essential to their career and also as a possible secondary profession later in life. Beef up and support your theater credentials by learning more about one or all of the following skill sets:

Makeup – There are a great number of clients, other than your fellow actors and present production companies, who needs skillful makeup artists. Other than being able to do your own makeup, you can also train others and set up a makeup company to service modeling agencies, film productions, and TV programs. Why not consider enrolling in a Salt Lake City cosmetology school to get started.

Carpentry – Some actors are content to stitch a torn sleeve in their costume. Others go the extra mile and create their own props. Knowledge of simple woodworking and finishes can help you build a career in set design, which is a lucrative part of the industry. Add a few classes in costume design and you can service more needs and earn higher.

Languages – As you become more skilled in acting and eventually travel the globe, you might find yourself attracted to other countries and their own unique style of acting. By learning other languages, you establish the culture in your head and can switch between thought patterns to benefit your acting needs. This can be supplemented by learning different customs and histories as well, lending plausibility to performance. Eventually, if you choose to become an acting coach, you can offer your language proficiency as part of your services.

By honing these additional skills alongside your acting, you are promised a lucrative role in the acting industry on and off the stage. You would know much more than the typical actor and your versatility will make you an integral part of your production outfit. So learn more, enjoy your earnings and break a leg.