Best Tips for Air-Sealing the Home

One secret to an energy-efficient home is by ensuring it is air-sealed. A properly air-sealed home benefits the household in many other ways. You can do steps to air-seal an existing house to improve energy efficiency, but first, you might want to know the other advantages of having a home without air leaks.

Benefits of an Air-Sealed Home

Air sealing your home reduces the drafts and humidity, which in turn improves your comfort. A properly sealed home also avoids moisture problems that could result in mold growth and structural problems.

Without leaks, you could expect lower electric bills as well, since the HVAC system would not have to work harder and run for longer periods. With reduced cycle times, your HVAC system would last longer.

Tips on Air-Sealing the Home

  • Before sealing, inspect the house for leaks.
  • Prepare weather-stripping and caulking materials for sealing leaks. Weather-stripping seals moving components like the door, while caulk is for cracks and crevices.
  • Seal leaks in plumbing and ducting areas.
  • Use fire-rated caulk to cover leaks in electrical wiring.
  • You should use a foam sealant to patch larger leaks.
  • Watch out for dirty spots in the insulation, ceiling joints, and floor joists, which could indicate an air leak. Caulk to cover leaks.
  • Seal leaks around windows or consider window replacement in Salt Lake City from firms such as According to, double-pane low-emissivity windows are better than single-pane windows. If not, cover them with storm windows.
  • Seal door leaks or install door bottoms with flexible sealing gaskets.
  • Use fire-resistant sealing materials like sheet metal and cement caulk when sealing the chimney, furnace, and fireplace. Tip: you may use a chimney balloon to seal the fireplace flue if not in use.
  • Make sure all exhaust fans have proper cover when not in use.

Air-sealing the home will make it more energy-efficient and a comfortable place to live in. Follow these tips on sealing air leaks at home.

By David Reynolds

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