Beauty and Elegance in Doors

Elegant DoorThe Instagram world has found a new craze in doors. Photographers, travel bloggers, and Instagrammers are now taking pictures of fascinating and intriguing doors around the world. The craze, dubbed “doortrait”, focuses on doors that provide glimpses of the aesthetics that these doors’ locations have and the kind of people that may live or work behind the doors.

Doors of Beauty

Now, you may not want photographers and Instagrammers taking photos of your home’s doors, but the craze only goes on to show how much impact a common thing such as a door can have. Doors, when specially chosen and designed, can add a sense of elegance, style, and sophistication into your home. They can also show what your taste is when it comes to your home.

What’s Your Door?

Should you make the effort to pick beautiful and stylish doors for your home? Why shouldn’t you? You can pick from a variety of doors that doormakers offer. For example, battened or ledged doors can look great against plain-colored walls like interior barn doors for homesTimber and paneled doors also achieve the same aesthetic.

Clear Doors

For doors to the bathroom, you can choose glass doors. For privacy, you can have frosted glass instead of clear glass, or you can choose glass with patterns on it. On the other hand, you can also choose glass for doors leading to your backyard. The clarity of glass gives you an unobstructed view outside.

Intricate Doors

Finally, for your front door, you can choose steel, fiberglass, or aluminum as your material. Steel is not only sturdy and strong, but you can also bend the steel to create intricate designs. You can have a secondary timber door behind your steel door as wood complements metal in appearance. Fiberglass and aluminum doors are also great alternatives.

The next time you have friends, family, or guests over, you can impress them with your home that has intricate and beautiful doors. With such great doors, perhaps you can join in on the Doortrait craze after all.