6 Non-Chemical Ways to Purify Air Inside Your Home

woman opening the window to let fresh air in

The outdoors can expose you to a lot of air pollution. Smoke-belching cars and chemical plant smoke, for instance, will make you want to stay indoors all the time. However, pollution can still disrupt the comfort you have inside your home. If you think you’re already safe from air pollution, think again. Studies show that air pollution is worse by about two to five times more than outdoors. If you want to make sure that you are breathing purified air, here are six natural ways you need to try:

Let Fresh Air In

Air pollution worsens when houses trap bad air inside. To help improve air quality, you need to open your windows and doors from time to time. Proper ventilation allows good air circulation, which means that more fresh air will be coming inside your house. It is also recommendable to plant trees or maintain a garden around your home to invite more fresh air. Harmful air pollutants will eventually move out to give space for fresh air.

Do Not Smoke Inside

Smoking is not only a health hazard, but also an air pollution threat. Smoking inside your home will expose your loved ones to second-hand smoke, which will have adverse effects on their respiratory system. It is also impossible to remove the smell and stain when your smoking habit reaches your household items. If you want to eliminate air pollution, you need to avoid smoking inside your house at all costs.

Clean Air Ducts

Appliances like the air conditioner and other ventilation systems will help purify the air inside your home. However, they will need thorough cleaning for them to achieve their purpose consistently. When homeowners fail to clean air ducts, air pollution may become worse. You will need the help of cleaning experts who specialize in duct cleaning around Salt Lake City to remove dirt and other harmful substances.

Purchase an Air Purifier

Having an air purifier inside your house will help you get rid of pollution at the most effective level. Purifiers attack harmful airborne particles that are invisible to the eye, making it the perfect sidekick in your battle against pollution. Air purifiers work best when nearly all of the rooms have one of each. However, you need to remember that air purifiers can only attack small air particles.

Replace Carpet

Fluffy Carpet On Laminate Floor

Carpets act like a sponge, which means that it is home to many harmful substances. If you have a rug that has been in your living room for about 10 years, a simple sweep will no longer have an effect. You need to wash the carpet thoroughly to make sure that pollutants no longer exists on it. However, you should also consider buying a new one if washing it takes a lot of work.

Use Oil Diffusers

Essential oils like clove, rosemary, and eucalyptus contain antibacterial properties that can help kill dust mites and bed bugs. Cinnamon, thyme, and tea tree oil can also prevent fungi, viruses, and mold from growing. You will need to keep oil diffusers around your home to effectively kill germs and purify the air. You can also mix the oil with your detergents and soap to surround your house with bacteria killers efficiently.

Air pollution is nearly invisible to the eye, which makes it a difficult enemy. However, you can still improve indoor air quality by applying the natural remedies around your home.