5 Ways to Prepare Your Home for the Summer

Woman using a fan at home

The hot season demands some changes made in your home to prevent sweating and discomfort in your own house. Here are some things you should definitely do before the heatwave settles.

1. Dress Up Your Home for Summer

Colors matter a lot during the summer because some shades can affect how you perceive temperature indoors. You’d want to switch interior décor to light colors or pastel ones that can reflect the light. If you want to welcome summer indoors, you can also put some plants in strategic places where they can thrive because of the sunlight.

A thorough summer clean is also advised, especially for the windows and screens. You want to clean them thoroughly so they can let the light and fresh breeze in during the milder days. Opt for home interior design services here in Portland, OR so you will be guided well.

2. Tune Up the Air Conditioner

For those especially hot days, the air conditioner becomes an important part of life. Hire air conditioning repair expert to repair and clean the unit before summer use. Even if the unit is still functioning perfectly or just a year old, it still makes sense to have it serviced.

Debris gets caught up in the filter, making it difficult for the unit to blow out cold air. As a result, they work harder and burn more electricity to give you the temperature you want.

3. Clean Up the Fans

For days when the heat is within the tolerable range, using the fans will be enough. Like air-conditioning units, however, you’d want to make sure the fan is clean so that it doesn’t blow dust to your face. Fortunately, you don’t need professionals to get this done.

Just open up the fan, remove the gunk with some soap, wipe and put it all back together. You get instantly fresh air, and you’ll notice the fan rotates better.

4. Check, Repair and Update Your Insulation

Man insulating a homeEven with a powerful fan and air conditioner, bad insulation will make you lose all that cold air. Run a check through the house, paying attention to the windows, doors and other possible areas where cool air may escape.

You will need a professional for this, especially if it’s been a long time since the insulation was upgraded. Since cold air tends to settle down instead of lingering upwards, openings on the roof is not a big worry. Still, you’d want to patch that up for summer rain.

5. Do a Bug Check for the House

The summer heat is that time when bugs come out of the woodwork. The cold season isn’t for them, but summer means they can start to party and breed. If you have a dog, note that the summer season is when they’re especially prone to fleas and ticks.

For this reason, you’d want to be extra careful with the pest medicine and leaving them outdoors. Keep your house sealed and use sprays to prevent mosquitoes and other bugs from flying in.

Of course, those are just some of the things you can do to keep your home comfortable during the hot summer months. Remember that with every season change, you’ll need to prepare to keep comfort at a maximum.