4 Factors to Properly Right-Size Your AC

AC Service in RivertonThe climate you can enjoy — or hate — depends on where you are in the United States. The heat of the south, the generally pleasant conditions in New England and Pacific Northwest, and the frigid winter in the western mountains.

But if you spend at least a couple of months cooling your home, you certainly need an efficient air conditioner. More than just any cooling equipment, though — an AC unit of the right size.

Size Matters

Many people don’t know that size of the unit is important. In fact, any experienced provider of AC service in Riverton, Albuquerque, Miami, or any city with muggy summers, would tell you having an air conditioner too small or too large spells trouble. The former speeds up wear and tear; while the latter leads to frequent temperature fluctuations and operates loudly.

Apart from the style and design, here are other factors you must consider to right-size your AC unit:

1. Area

The size of your AC should match the size of your interior. Multiplying height by width is the formula to measure your room.

2. BTU

The British thermal unit, or BTU, is the standard unit of measurement for energy used in heating and cooling units. An adequate number of BTUs means your equipment could heat or cool the room fast without wasting electricity.

The larger the room, the more BTUs are needed. To give you an idea, a 150-square feet room would typically need a 5,000 BTU – producing unit.

3. Sources of Heat

Rooms that get hot easier require a higher number of BTUs. Identifying every source of heat available is the best way to determine how quickly your temperature indoors could go up. Examples of common are electrical appliances and sunlight.

4. Number of Dwellers

If more than two persons would stay in the room, your AC unit must have a greater capacity. The rule of thumb is to add 600 BTUs for every extra person who’d use the room.

Right-sizing your AC unit is a mark of a thinking buyer. With right air conditioner, your equipment could maximize its cooling performance, and provide you with a desirable level of comfort using less energy.