3 Ways to Promote Proper Air Ventilation in Your Office

Proper ventilation is essential in any office. It manages indoor temperature, gets rid of impurities, and even prevents mold growth. However, when your office’s air appears restricted, it can eventually put everyone at risk.

When added to other safety precautions against COVID-19, proper ventilation can help protect the occupants against the virus. That’s why it’s essential to take the necessary steps to get their air flowing freely for a more comfortable workplace. But where do you start?

Add some plants

There are so many things that plants can do aside from making your building look warm and presentable. It can be an ideal way to improve the air quality inside your workplace, too. Plants absorb chemicals found in air, which can remain inside offices with poor ventilation.

Fortunately, there are several plants that you can easily manage. It’s crucial, especially when you have barely any experience in having plants. These plants include snake plant, peace lily, Agleonema, and several variations of pothos.

Keep it dirt-free

Keeping your air-con filters and your air duct is also essential in promoting proper air circulation inside your office. It’s highly advisable to do it once every four months to ensure that it works efficiently. When it comes to your air ducts, hiring professional air duct cleaning services is an excellent choice. But for an AC unit, it’s possible to clean it on your own.

  • First, you need to unplug the unit before taking the front cover grill off.
  • Then, remove the filter and soak it in a soap water mixture for about 10 minutes.
  • Rinse it off and let it air dry.
  • If possible, you can also remove the entire AC unit and bring it outside to clean the coils thoroughly with a hose.

Actualize cross-ventilation

Cross-ventilation is another way to keep the air properly flowing inside the building. That’s because it pushes warm air out alongside dust and air pollutants while letting the cooler air pass. Because of it, it reduces the need to turn up your AC unit. Thus, eventually helping you save on your power bills in the long run.

So that you can create cross-ventilation inside your office, opening the windows is an excellent way to start. Meanwhile, during seasons when it’s less breezy, you can use an air cooler or an electric fan to circulate the air. Doing so helps eliminate any excess moisture that can lead to mold growth and other health issues. You can also use ventilation fans in areas where there’s high humidity. It can be your kitchen or bathroom.

Proper air circulation is a must in every workplace. Although having artificial heating and cooling is excellent in your office, natural ventilation remains the best choice. So, try to look for ways to use outside air movement to cool and ventilate your workplace’s interior. Getting a cool breeze inside can push out the warm air inside, making it feel more comfortable. At the same time, it lowers the temperature in a few areas inside your place of work.