3 Ways to Make Your Landing Pages More Effective

Online Marketers in OgdenSome online marketers and online business owners focus too much on getting their website to rank on top of search results that they forget about what comes after that. When you do reach the top, you must be sure that your site is pleasing enough for visitors to actually stay and want to know more about your business and your offerings.

Here are some things you need for your landing page to be as attractive to potential customers as possible.

Loading Speed

In this day and age, nobody has time to wait for your site to load more than four seconds. The average user will even leave after three seconds without a proper website loading. In fact, Google considers page loading speed as an essential ranking signal. Analyze your site’s loading speed. If it doesn’t load after two seconds, try to find what are causing the delays and fix them quickly.

Social Sharing Options

The great thing about SEO is that it goes beyond your webpages. For example, Ogden visitors end up liking anything about your site (images, videos, blog posts, products, and services), it must be easy for them to share it on their social media feeds. Make sure there are accessible and noticeable social media buttons which visitors can click to share your website. This will lead to even more traffic and potential customers.

Quality Content

You should have impressive, informative, relatable, shareable, and awesome content that would turn your site visitors into actual customers. Content is what matters once your SEO does the job of getting visitors onto your site. Use a combination of texts, images, and videos to make your content more interesting and engaging. Always publish fresh content weekly to keep your audience interested.

Online marketing shouldn’t and doesn’t end once your site ranks high on search results. Follow these tips to convert more visitors into loyal customers and eventually turn in more profit for your business.