3 Ways to Maintain Your AC Unit in Top Shape

AC Maintenance in Salt Lake CityThe air conditioner is one of the most important home appliances because it provides comfort for your whole family especially if the weather is hot. You just need to turn the AC unit on to get a good night’s sleep. That’s why you need to keep it in its best condition through regular maintenance and replacement of certain parts. Here are some maintenance works you need to do to make sure your AC system is working efficiently all the time.

Filter Change

Any type of AC system has air filters that regulate their performance. When the filters are not in good condition anymore, the AC unit struggles to work as efficiently as it can. This means energy consumption and your electric bill will go up. Depending on your AC unit, you need to change filters about one to three times a year.

Condensing Unit and Vent Check

The vent and condensing unit may gather up dust, dirt, and other particles that prevent them from working properly. That’s why you need to check them regularly to make sure your AC unit is performing well. Aside from dust, the most common blockage are fallen leaves. You can check and clean the vent and condensing unit yourself or let professionals do it when you call them for the annual cleaning of your AC unit.

Freon Level Maintenance

The Freon level of your air conditioner is important because Freon refers to the refrigerant or coolant that allows the unit to produce and give off cool air. Freon level gradually decreases over time, but the rate can increase if there is a leak of some sorts. If so, Action Plumbing suggests calling an HVAC repair company in Salt Lake City to fix the leak and add more Freon to the AC unit.

These are just some of the things your AC unit needs for it to stand the test of time and make your family comfortable. Follow them to prevent any problems from happening.