Your First Greenhouse? Choose From These Three Options

Your First Greenhouse

Your First GreenhouseA greenhouse is a big project. Growing crops can be quite fulfilling, and it might even earn you a bit of money. However, Australia’s climate is different, and what works in other places might not be suitable here. Do a little research on what crops you want to raise and on what greenhouse is the best for them.

Standard Glass Houses

If you’re just starting and this will be your first greenhouse, an aluminium-frame glasshouse is probably your best option. These glasshouses can easily be bought in stores or through online distributors such as Edenlite. These glasshouses can come in kits that will need assembling, but assembling them is quite easy and won’t take much of your time. Greenhouses provide your crops with adequate light and sufficient ventilation. You might need to provide a certain degree of shading or cooling during the summer months or when temperatures get extremely hot. Snow is almost unheard of in most parts of Australia, so you can grow crops throughout the year. Aluminium-frame glasshouses can last up to 15 years with minimal maintenance and proper use. Glasshouses appear quite elegant and can easily add a touch of green to your backyard.

Hoop Houses

Hoop houses have large arched hoops covered with transparent sheets of plastic material. These structures aren’t particularly durable; they typically last for three to five years. They disperse heat rather well, which is big plus considering the Australian climate. Construction involves driving the ends of the arches into the ground and covering the arches with plastic or plastic-like material. You can easily adjust the size of your greenhouse by adding additional hoops and covering, and you can control how much sun you want by choosing the opacity of your covering material. Hoop houses can protect your crops from extreme heat and cold. Since snow piling on top of them is highly unlikely, the only problem facing hoop houses is particularly strong winds.

Geodesic Greenhouses

Geodesic greenhouses are the most efficient greenhouses when it comes to harnessing sunlight. However, this makes them more suitable to cold climates and not Australia’s sweltering heat. Geodesic greenhouses are very stable and can tolerate harsh wind conditions. They typically last between 15-20 years, and repairs or replacements are easy because of their segmented structure. Geodesic domes retain the most heat of all greenhouse builds, so you need to have cooling measures in place most of the time. Unless you’re growing heat-tolerant crops or you live in the cooler parts of Australia, it might be a good idea to skip geodesic greenhouses. Aesthetically, geodesic greenhouses are beautiful. They will attract a lot of attention and make your backyard genuinely unique.

A greenhouse is a reflection of your personality. Its appearance, size, and contents tell a story about you and your dedication. Carefully consider what you want in your first greenhouse. Your greenhouse can be an efficient crop-growing facility, a beautiful structure that starts conversations, or a little bit of both.