Working At Home? Here’s How To Take Care Of Yourself.

woman hugging herself

Working from home has many benefits. No more waking up early in the morning to beat the traffic. Saving on gas. Working from your bed or your couch when you feel like it. Being at home, safe and sound by yourself or with your family.

However, working from home has its many downsides too. When you are working at home, it is sometimes hard to draw the line between work and life. More often than not, you also tend to forget about taking good care of yourself since you are not going out. Self-care is essential, no matter your work setup.

From ensuring that you get enough sleep to applying eye serum for dark circles, here are some simple ways to show yourself some self-love:

1. Do not sacrifice your sleep.

You may think that skimping on a few hours of sleep is okay since you are just staying at home. Maintaining a consistent sleeping schedule is essential. Do not stay up late until three in the morning to finish that new season of your favorite series. Stick to the same sleeping schedule. Poor sleep quality can affect not just your mood, but your work performance throughout the day. Worse, the lack of sleep can make you vulnerable to illnesses and infections.

2. Do not forget to eat.

Sometimes, you may get so comfortable sitting in front of your laptop, tapping away on your keyboard. Next thing you know, it is already two in the afternoon. Where did the lunch break go?

Eat on schedule. Eat properly. Eat real lunch and real, healthy food. Eating healthy is an important form of self-care. Your food gives you the nourishment your body needs so that you have enough energy to face your tasks for the day. Avoid snacking on junk food that will not give your body any real benefits. Do not forget to stay hydrated. It is so easy to forget to drink enough water. Have a bottle or two of water in your desk to remind you to drink.

woman with a bowl of food

3. Create your home to work routine.

Establishing a routine before you start your workday is healthy for you. Wake up early, do some exercise, take a shower, and have a healthy and filling breakfast. Start your day with activities where you put yourself first. Drink coffee while you read a book. Your morning routine is your process of shifting and preparing your mindset to work mode.

4. Create your designated office at home.

It can be a corner in your home with a desk and a chair. Having a designated workspace at home allows you to engage yourself to work. While it is true that you can take your laptop anywhere in your home, having your designated desk at home helps your brain shift to work mode.

Invest in a chair that is comfortable and ergonomic. You will be sitting in front of your laptop most of the day, so it is essential not to settle for cheap but poorly made chairs. Get yourself a good office chair. It will be good for your body, your attention, and your sanity. Plus, you will be more motivated to work if you have a beautifully set up office desk at home that you have designed and conceptualized yourself.

5. Do not forget your skincare routine.

Even though you are staying at home, it is no excuse to be lazy with your beauty routine. Taking care of your skin is a must. Before you sit in your home office, slather on some moisturizer on your face and lotion on your body. Put on some make-up to be ready for those Zoom meetings. Putting some effort into your looks is not only therapeutic, but it will also make you feel that you are up for any challenge.

At night, do not be lazy to remove your make up and wash your face. Put on some serum for your face and eye serum for those dark circles beneath your eyes. Keeping your skin healthy and glowing is not only good for your skin, but it is also good for your state of mind.

6. Change your pajamas.

You might be tempted to work all day in your comfy PJs, but changing into your work clothes is actually good for you. This does not mean that you have to wear your full corporate ensemble. Keep it casual yet still acceptable for a sudden video conference with your boss or your clients. When you change into working clothes, you are telling your brain that it needs to get ready for some serious work.

Do not forget to set your boundaries even if you are working from home. Log out at five, and focus on more important matters: yourself and your family.