What You Need to Know about Ankle Sprains and Sports Injuries

man's foot is sprainedThere is a need to be active, especially for people approaching middle age. The purpose of the activity is to try to get you back into shape. Unfortunately, for most people, injuries may occur while exercising or indulging in other sports activities.

Before getting into sports or a strenuous exercise, it’s important to have a checkup with a doctor, like a sports injuries doctor in Provo. This will help ensure the safety of the person as he begins to engage in these activities.

Ankle Sprain

Athletes may experience an ankle sprain at some point in their lives or careers. This is one of the most common types of sports injuries. It happens when a person falls or twists an ankle, forcing it out of its normal position. This can happen due to lateral movement, a sudden change in direction, a sudden stop, pivoting, or when landing on the wrong foot. An ankle sprain may also occur when a person lands on another person’s foot or on an uneven floor.

This type of injury is common among athletes who play tennis, basketball, volleyball, and football, as well as trekking, hiking, and rock climbing enthusiasts. When the ankle twists, the ligaments are either stretched or torn. For mild sprains, the pain may be minimal. In severe cases, the ligaments may be torn, resulting in a swollen joint. This can be extremely painful. There is tenderness, swelling, and bruising in the affected area. The joint is stiff, and the injury can lead to the inability to walk properly.


Ankle sprains are easy to treat, and they heal on their own. Doctors recommend the RICE approach: rest, ice, compression, and elevation. This will help the swelling to recede, and the pain to subside. It may be necessary to wear a brace for up to six weeks. For severe sprains, a doctor may recommend a plastic splint or padded plaster. The aim is to restrict movement by keeping the bones and ligaments in place. This allows the affected area to heal, as well as reduce pain and swelling.

Sprained ankles are common injuries and can happen to anyone. In case you sustain this type of injury, ensure that the ankle is stationary and does not move too much. Have enough rest, so you can recover faster.