Ways You Can Evict Travellers From Your Private Land

No trespassing signThe summer season is just around the corner. This means that there is an increased risk of travellers pitching camp or mobile home on private lands.

These travellers may be on your private land for a vacation; you have all the right to evict them. But, the process can be tedious and exhausting. Whether they are causing a disruption or not, MS Webb & Co. shares that you can practice your legal right evicting travellers from private land.

Though not all of them are on another person’s property for malicious intentions, they may not realise that the property is off-limits. Plus, these travellers leave a considerable amount of garbage, leaving the property damaged or unsanitary. At the end of the day, the private landowner is the one doing the cleaning.

So, here are the ways on how to evict the travellers.

Give Notice To The Trespassers

First off, you can give notice to the trespassers on your private land. You can warn them to leave by installing signs and a fence. In some cases, you can go to the area to tell them they have to leave. You can also call the authorities to provide a warning to them.

Hire A Company To Process All Legalities

If you don’t want to meddle personally with the trespassers, you can hire a company who can do the work for you. These people are experienced with the situation, and they know exactly what to do.

First off, they can seek a court order to remove the travellers. Also, they can also process a writ of possession or a common law to remove the trespassers from the private land.

The security firm can fasten the eviction process, without you worrying about violence and damage to your property.

The hassle of having trespassers live on your land is inevitable. But, you can do many things to make the eviction easier and faster. Hiring a third-party firm to do the job is better than involving yourself in the stress of the situation.