Ways to Make Your Paint Last Longer

person painting the door frame white

Are you getting tired of your paint chipping and having to reapply paint on items such as porch furniture or railings? Reapplying paint is time-consuming and expensive, so it is best to take steps to prevent paint from chipping or fading ahead of time. There are a number of steps that you can take to ensure the longevity of a paint job, whether you decide to do it yourself or hire a professional painter:

Make sure that the surface is cleaned properly

The most important step to long-lasting paint is a clean surface. This is particularly applicable for exterior paint; exterior surfaces often accumulate all kinds of dirt and debris. This can be the result of rust, dirt, calcified water, grime, and all sorts of organic matter. If not cleaned properly and gently, your paint will chip off and look bad.

Do thorough power washing to get rid of loose particles. Then, wash again with a special cleaner to kill off organic matter such as mold or mildew. Make sure to clean off excess water or cleaner; otherwise, it won’t make any difference. Give ample time to dry. Choose a bright, sunny day to do the cleaning and painting; moisture is bad for paint. It can take too long to dry and get trapped in the layers of paint, causing it to peel off.

Choose a long-lasting method

Some methods of applying paint will make it last longer. Certain paints come with additions to make them more durable. Choose this type of paint for outdoor work. Liquid paint can be effective if you know how to apply it. Spray painting is often used for an event, industrial finish, after thoroughly sandblasting to remove all residues of old paint.

A method that works perfectly well is getting powder coating done by a Utah company. Powder painting is when a dry coat of powder is applied electrostatically to make it adhere to the surface. It is then baked at very high temperatures. This makes the paint last much longer. It will give a dense, weatherproof, and industrial finish. Many people use this for things such as patio furniture and bicycle bodies.

Follow correct painting procedures

man painting a wall

Following the correct painting procedures is very important. This includes cleaning the surface properly and leaving enough time for the paint to dry. You can use various paint enhancers such as those that are ceramic-based that will leave a hard and durable coat. You can also use something that repels water. Always apply a primer before painting and a clear coat over the paint. You may need to apply multiple layers of a primer for wooden surfaces that are prone to bleeding. Apply an appropriate number of coats, and leave each coat to dry before reapplying. It is also important to have the correct sizes of brush and rollers so that there are no strange lines or unevenness.

Since painting is expensive, it is best to get it done in a way that will make the paint last a long time. Sometimes, hiring a professional may be better than doing it yourself.