Understanding Why Cat’s Pee Smells

cat lying on the back

Most cats almost instinctively know where to potty, especially if their cat parents are potty trained. But there are times when they can make a few accidents that could be quite a problem, especially for their owners.

Everyone knows that a cat’s pee has a strong smell. That’s why having a feline companion who isn’t using their litter box properly can become frustrating. By why do cats pee outside their litterbox?

Why your cat has litter box problems

There are several reasons your cat may have problems with using his or her litterbox. One reason is that your cat may be suffering from health problems. Like humans, cats can also suffer from a urinary tract infection, diabetes, or even kidney disease. It can either cause them to feel extreme pain or could make them feel a little off in using the litter box. Anything that can affect a cat’s well-being somehow alters his behavior, and that includes his litter box habits, too.

Even an unclean litter box can also affect his behavior, too. If you neglect cleaning your cat’s litter box, there’s a considerable chance that he’ll find somewhere else to do his business. Experts say that one of the most common reasons why cats prefer to pee outside the box is the experience that they had with it. So, the best way to make them want to pee inside the litter box is by making it the only option where they can go.

So that you can encourage them to go potty inside the litter box, you need to ensure that it’s clean. You can do that by regularly scooping the litter or even do it multiple times a day if you’re keeping several cats at home. Meanwhile, you can do a deep cleaning of the box once every few weeks. Doing so will ensure that most of its scents will get completely eradicated once you change the litter.

You should also place the litter box in a place where they can easily reach it. Putting it away from the living room may sound like a great idea. Setting it too far away can make it unappealing for your feline friend. So, it’s best to pet them in an area that’s out of traffic but isn’t completely isolated.

Getting rid of the cat pee smell

sleeping cat

If you don’t clean it up using the right set of products, the smell from your cat’s pee will only linger. That’s why pet parents would hire a pet urine removal team from West Jordan to help them manage it.

If you’re worried about the upholstery, then try to check if the cushion covers are removable. If so, wash it immediately to get rid of the smell. Meanwhile, you can wipe any stains from the ceramic tiles by using a paper towel and use a tile cleaner to get rid of the smell.

Having a cat is an excellent experience. But you need to be responsible enough to ensure that your cat will live a happy and comfortable life.