Under-eye Bags and Droopy Eyelids Affect Your Eye Health

Woman with Eye Bags in Washington D.C.

Woman with Eye Bags in Washington D.C.On the surface, saggy eyelids and dark under-eye bags are a natural fact of life. While they are part of the natural aging process, they could come sooner than you’d expect. But, they could just as well be manifestations of an underlying medical condition, stress, or poor lifestyle choices. You need to take those droopy lids and under-eye bags a little more seriously because ignoring them may affect your vision and eye health.

Reduced Vision

Drooping eyelids can block your vision. You may not notice on the first few instances, but when it becomes permanent, it may interfere with your eyesight and cause tension headaches. The sensation can be comparable with having blurred vision, as it obstructs the pupil, which could limit the amount of light that enters the retina.

Dryness and Irritation

When the eyelids start to droop away and outward from the eyeball, your eyes will be vulnerable to the elements and more sensitive to light or wind. They may become dry and irritated, which could lead to serious complications. Likewise, if the eyelids sag inwards, you may develop a condition called entropion; your lashes will fold onto your eyeballs and cause possible damage.

Blocked Tear Duct

Your eyelids not only protect your eyes; they also drain tears so they don’t block your vision or cause irritation. Saggy eyelids can prevent tears from running down your cheeks, which could result in vision impairment and increased sensitivity.


There are natural remedies that help reduce under-eye bags and relieve muscles around the eyes. These include cucumber slices, chilled tea bags, and salt water treatment. Serious conditions, such as ptosis, would normally require a surgery. But before booking an appointment with a Washington D.C. blepharoplasty clinic, consult your ophthalmologist and find out if you’re a suitable candidate.

Everyone gets puffy eyes and eye bags from time to time, but when they become permanent features of your face, problems will arise. It will not only affect your eye health; it may also cause self-esteem issues.