Travel Tips for Backpackers

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If you plan to go backpacking on foreign shores, you are at the right place. There are multiple facets that you need to take care of. If you are a newbie and wondering what backpacking is all about, you will know that and how to manage it all. Backpacking is low-cost travel, in which travelers carry only a backpack. Once considered a necessity for the cash-strapped, it is a fashion today. Backpacker tourism is the buzzword today. And, more youths are taking to it.

Since you will be spending cost-effectively, you have to plan the entire tour from beforehand properly. Sometimes, your plan might not work on site. So this is one trip that will keep you on your toes mostly. Think out of the box, and you will be able to manage various foreign locales on a domestic budget. It is known to give you a practical experience of what life is all about. Read how you can go on that perfect and easy on pockets holiday.


This is the first phase and the most difficult. You have to research various destinations and find out how backpacking will help you. The internet is full of people who will lend you a helping hand. Check out their videos and blogs. You will surely get some good backpacking ideas.

You also need to check your travel insurance. It helps you to stay prepared for medical emergencies on foreign land. Hospitals can burn a deep hole in your pocket. You need to get a guidebook. Although smartphones have them all, what if their battery gets drained?

You should also check the season that is appropriate for travel. We suppose you don’t want to land up in the tropics in heavy rain. Staying indoors with a cup of coffee might not be what you are looking for. You have to buy the cheapest flight ticket, too. So, keep searching on aggregator sites for it. Better still, set reminders. If there is train connectivity, you can also book that.


Hotel room or apartment doorway

You would never want to sleep under a tree or on an unsafe beach, even on a backpacking trip. Therefore, the best thing to do would be to look for a dormitory with private rooms. Most students, interns, and the youngest choose them over conventional villas and homestays. And why not? They are cheap and flexible. You can save a lot on your stay in the holiday destination. Choosing the suburbs is even more beneficial. You get both shared and personal rooms. So, choose one that suits you.

You can go for cheap B&Bs. They will help you stay and have breakfast in the morning before you set out exploring for the day. Some locals also offer homestays at the same rates. And, they will give to the best food ever. You will never miss home again.

Local Commute

Once you are past these two facets of your backpacking trip, it is time to concentrate on the commute and sightseeing. Most backpackers believe in slow travel. So you will not be rushing anyway. Most cities in Europe have excellent transportation networks. You can take the metro or underground railway. That is what most office-goers avail themselves of. It is cheap on the pocket, too. Additionally, you can hire a cycle and ride it around the towns. The country has some of the best countryside attractions.

Enjoy your time at your own pace. That is what backpacking trips are for. Trains are also another convenient mode to travel in and around the place. You can also hitchhike. However, you need to exercise caution while taking help from unknown people. You should always refrain from taking unsolicited risks.

Packing Travel Gear

That is another tricky thing if traveling on a low budget across European cities. Packing clothes and knickknacks is a must, but you need not carry all that a conventional traveler would. Choosing the right backpack is the first thing worth mentioning here. It should be about 45 liters.

This is the standard one and convenient, too. You might also want to pack in electronics, toiletries, some fashionable clothes, and winter wear if it’s the cold season. You also need to carry your passport and visas safely. Have backpacks that have a different pocket to organize your items.

Shoes are another necessity that you cannot ignore. Put those heels and fancy shoes away. Get slippers and sneakers on your trip. They will see you through thick and thin. Choose the best gear for your backpacking trip, and you will never have to worry again.


These are the essential tips for backpackers. Apart from the above, you have to make a budget for yourself. This is a no-brainer. Without proper budgeting, you might find yourself deported. That is not something you would want.