Tips for Moving a Couch Through a Narrow Doorway

couple lifting couch

couple lifting couchSofas are the most cumbersome items to move during the relocation day. With awkward frames and tight doorways to contend with, clumsily skirting around, shuffling, and wiggling seem the only way to move a sofa. However, it doesn’t have to be that way all the time. With vast knowledge, it takes a little prep work to transport a coach from one apartment to another.

The difficulty of moving a couch through a narrow doorway often causes stress when moving to a new home or after sofa purchase. Protruding seat backs, arms, and legs of a couch often make it too large for a narrow doorway. However, with little knowledge and planning, moving a sofa shouldn’t stress you.

Measure Up

The first step is to size up the coach, and this includes its length, width, and height. It might also be necessary to measure the height and width of the doorway as well as other areas such as foyers and hallways. After that, identify the widest point of the coach and measure its width and length against the narrowest point of the entryway. Measuring will help you squeeze it through and leave enough extra space for pivoting it around corners.

Protect the Frame and Fabric

No matter how careful you are when moving a coach, your hard work might prove futile if its frame or fabric get knocked while squeezing it inside the house. As such, you might need a few rolls of furniture plastic wrap and bubble wrap to protect the couch against wear and tear during the move. You can use bubble wrap to protect delicate wooden parts such as legs and the base of the sofa while plastic wrap can support upholstered sections like sofa backs and sofa seats.


Your sofa is unlikely to move out of a narrow space unscathed. As such, consider dismantling its removable sections to prevent wear and tear. Although the armrests and legs of traditional sofas are built into the frame, arms and legs of newer styles are detachable and are held in with fasteners. Removing these parts can be ideal for a sofa with armrests, protruding from the frame or noticeably long legs.

Move the Couch Diagonally

two men carrying the couch downstairsYou can resort to moving a sofa diagonally when all other methods fail. However, this method needs more than two people to pick the couch at each end. It involves tilting the couch forward to allow the first mover to hook the arm around the door. Once that is done, the rest of the sofa will follow in a corkscrew option. However, this method requires a lot of strength, and only a few people can use it because it requires forward-and-back maneuvering.

Experts recommend people who doubt their abilities to consider hiring a professional moving service. Work with a service that has the necessary tools to disassemble, move, package, and reassemble a sofa to make your day hassle-free. However, if you are to transport the couch on your own, remember to lift it from the knees, and not back, to prevent wear and tear.